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About Four Leaf Tax & Bookkeeping

Experience makes the difference

Four Leaf Tax & Bookkeeping is a full service Accounting firm servicing the tax, accounting and consulting needs of individuals and businesses from Coast to Coast. Our business clients vary in size, from small businesses to corporations, and span across several different industries.

Who We Are

We Are Tax
Accounting Experts

Four Leaf Tax & Bookkeeping offers carefully researched, relevant advice to meet your financial and accounting needs. Our clients come to us from a wide range of industries and company sizes throughout the United States.

Our philosophy: Honest representation with a common goal for our clients to successfully maintain compliance and continue thier course for financial stability.

Years of experience

Shanyn has over 20 years of Tax & Accounting Experience.  We offer a broad spectrum of tax and business financial consulting, including budgeting, accounting and multi-state, multi-type of tax preparation. Our clientele ranges from private individuals and sole proprietors to partnerships and corporate entities across all sectors.

Happy Clients

Despite the big move, our clients followed us and still prepares taxes for over 250 individuals from Coast to Coast while continuing to form new relationships in Florida as well as all over the country.

Our Story


While attending College in California, Shanyn worked in a Tax office learning the in’s & out’s of tax law and the overall filing process.  From there, Shanyn moved into Corporate Accounting and Accounting Management where she continued to grow and learn, her vast experience and overall success of the Companies she was involved with have allowed her to continue to grow and develop not only her business but also the businesses she has provided her services to.


Graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration


Founding Principal Four Leaf Tax & Bookkeeping LLC

Areas of expertise

  • State and federal taxation law
  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Our success is built upon a long tradition of quality work.

Four Leaf Tax & Bookkeeping opened it’s business in Palm Coast, Florida in 2010.  Shanyn Smith formed this business after moving from California in 2009.


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